Digital Brand Building

A great brand takes on a life of its own. It can evolve in the mind of the public and impact the way people feel about that company and the products and services they offer. Branding can even create new words that become household terms used every day. Google became a verb, and the word Kleenex is used interchangeably with tissues.

The power of branding cannot be overstated, but creating a great brand is no small task. Not all brands are created equal, and they don’t happen by accident. Time and careful consideration are needed for engineering a branding roadmap that will guide your company to reaping the immense benefits of a well-branded company.

We’ve established that branding can be incredibly powerful, but what is it about branding that makes it so integral to successful marketing campaigns?


Why is branding important?

Branding has a direct impact on the specific details of how your company presents itself to the world. Creating a detailed branding plan helps to focus and clarify your messages and present them in a unified manner that is instantly recognizable and unique to your business.

Establishing a concrete style of presentation creates a firmer idea of who you are within your audience’s mind. Good branding will drastically increase recall and has a direct impact on the effectiveness of all your future advertising campaigns. Strong branding can create a bond with your customers on a deeper, more emotional level that can’t be achieved without a focused and singular approach.

A focused brand can create lasting impacts on their customers and engender trust and empathy. Your brand can also help to motivate your employees and create a sense of belonging and pride within your team. Employee morale is raised by this feeling of belonging, and this connection turns your employees into ambassadors for your brand that can make recruiting easier and more successful. A strong brand will directly increase the value of your company.

Branding is important for forming bonds with customers and employees,
but how does it add value to your company and its operations directly?

What are the advantages of branding?

A strong brand will reduce your costs of advertising while simultaneously increasing their effectiveness. Providing your marketing content creators with a detailed style guide will enable them to stay on message while furthering the brand with greater ease. Your branding ensures that all marketing efforts are more focused and easily recognizable by customers which drastically increases recall of your audience.

Not only will a focused branding guide increase recall, but it will also engender a sense of legitimacy and professionalism in your audience towards your company. A professional and effective style guide helps to increase your business’ credibility and helps give your company a leg up. Successfully creating and following a style guide will help to increase conversion rates by solidly establishing your brand’s position in your industry.

In addition to improving recall and increasing ROI for marketing, strong branding can also increase employee retention and ease the process of recruiting top-tier talent. Employee morale is improved through the feeling of belonging to a company that they can feel proud of and identify with. This turns your employees into ambassadors for your brand that are more than happy to recommend becoming a part of your growing team.

Your branding will also help to distinguish your company from your competition. Google’s search engine algorithms aren’t inherently better than their competitors, but their branding allows them to stand apart from the rest of the pack. Even if your service or products aren’t better than your competitors, you can still realize a competitive advantage through the power of your brand itself. Your branding can also increase help to generate referral business due to how your branding can turn your employees and customers into ambassadors.


Branding is a powerful tool that can help increase ROI on investments, encourage customers to become ambassadors and create bonds with current and future employees, but how do we even begin the branding process to start realizing these benefits?

What is the brand development process?

1 Discovery

The first step of virtually any consulting service is discovery. We need to learn the details of how your business operates, what its mission is and where its placed within the broader industry. What makes your company different and where are there opportunities to distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition? We have a detailed client questionnaire that will help unlock the brand’s identity and find new opportunities for setting yourself apart from the pack.

2 Brainstorm

After initial discovery is complete, we go into more detailed and specific cases in order to fully understand your company’s identity. To do this, we brainstorm different client personas to create a more targeted and specific audience. Who is your ideal client and what are their pain points? A targeted branding campaign takes into account all the specific needs and wants of your customers and your business in order to tailor an approach that makes the most sense for everyone involved.

3 Analysis

We then perform a competitive brand analysis to see where there are opportunities to gain an advantage. We look at what your competition is doing to determine success rates and discover room for improvement. If an approach has success, we look to understand what is successful about it and why it’s seeing success in order to utilize the aspects that work and discard the ones that don’t. Armed with this information, we can unlock your company’s competitive advantage and leave the competition in the dust.

4 Creation

With all this information at hand, we begin the process of creating your custom-tailored branding guides that distill your company into a focused visual style that will be instantly recognizable to your audience, but what is actually created in this process?

What are the specific outputs of brand development?

A successful branding campaign requires numerous pieces to fit together into a singular puzzle that completely encompasses what the company does, why it does it and how it does so. One piece of this is the brand mission. A mission statement defines what your company is, what they do and how those tasks are accomplished. Your mission statement will briefly detail who you are in an informative and meaningful way for your audience to comprehend the essence of what your company is in an elevator pitch style of delivery.


Another integral piece of the branding puzzle is your logo. A great logo enhances brand recall and functions as a substitute for the name of the company. It's instantly recognizable and carries the weight of your company behind it. A customer should see your logo and immediately recall the name of your business and the services or products you provide. They will create emotional links between their experiences with your company and your logo design which will increase the bond you form with your audience.

Yet another piece of the branding puzzle is your slogan or tagline. A great tagline creates associations with your brand and its products or services which further enhances recall for your customers. A tagline helps solidify your brand’s place in its industry and helps set your company apart from the competition by creating a unique link with a phrase or set of words that embody what your company provides.

The final piece of the puzzle is the typography and color palette decisions that make up your style guides. Creating this focused guide will help all your future marketing efforts remain on target and greatly increase recognition and recall. Having company-wide guidelines will ensure all messages have some conformity that simultaneously differentiates your marketing from that of your competitors while also ensuring your audience knows the message is from your specific brand.

All of these separate pieces come together to maximize recognition and recall while establishing and maintaining a firm idea of your company’s ideals and purpose. These disparate pieces form a detailed image of your business that encompasses everything that makes your brand unique, so your customers can pick you out of the crowd and form deep, lasting bonds with your company.

While branding itself is incredibly important, it’s really only the first step to establishing and maintaining your company’s presence in the life of your customers. You must utilize these branding efforts to continue to sell the idea of your brand and reinforce its purpose and impact in your audience’s minds. How do we help to build upon the foundations created by the branding process?


How do we promote your brand?

Branding is how you set yourself apart from the competition and create a public persona with which your customers can identify you. Establishing yourself within your industry is the first step to creating a competitive advantage. After your brand has been cemented, you need to ensure that you keep your message relevant and continually addressing new issues.

We create problem/solution content that is based on clients that highlights specific problems a client might have and how your company is the solution to that problem. Utilizing your brand imagery to emphasize your messaging helps to create a sense that your company is legitimate and impactful, but you need to ensure the messages themselves are valid and impactful. By having a steady flow of content, you ensure your messaging is thematic and avoids becoming dated or lost in the general buzz.

Constant vigilance is required to ensure your company doesn’t fade from the public’s memory. In order to survive, you must continue to evolve and remain relevant. This means embracing change and staying on top of shifts in your industry and in the world at large. Content creation helps to maintain your position in your industry and keeps your brand in the recent memory of your audience instead of your competitors.

Content takes many forms such as blogs, images, and video that all can be used to spread your message and add value to your brand. Blogs and articles help drive traffic and establish your brand as an expert in your industry. In addition to bringing traffic, blogs can also be a source of valuable information for your audience which makes them associate your company with professional resources and increases their trust in your brand.

Curated images can add to these posts and even be content on their own when created and managed professionally. Videos also serve similar purposes for engaging your audience and maintaining your company’s presence in the public eye. All forms of content are relevant and can add value to your brand while providing valuable resources and information to your customers. Firmly establishing yourself as an industry leader will drive conversion rates and see great returns on marketing investments.


In this global world, we live in today, staying in touch has become a basic expectation. Cross-platform messaging creates touchpoints over all the relevant mediums that your customers use to engage with each other and your business. Each platform has its own quirks, advantages, and downfalls, but they all offer valuable access to your customers and their brain space.

Properly utilizing all these varying social media platforms can be a daunting task, but they all help to compliment your brand’s message and keeps you above your competition. Management of these touchpoints solidifies your presence and continues to build and reinforce bonds with your customers.


Branding is an incredibly powerful tool that can elevate your business to new heights, but proper branding requires detailed planning and careful execution. Once your branding has solidified into an effective guideline for all messaging, you can start to realize greater returns on marketing investments. In addition to increasing your marketing effectiveness, marketing efforts are also easier to produce due to the style guides providing specific instructions for the why and how of crafting your messages.

You can then use your powerful brand and leverage it as an invaluable resource for continued content creation that drives further traffic and adoption. Content that enhances your brand’s value and the value you provide to your customers enhances your legitimacy in the public eye while also establishing your company as a reliable expert in its industry that is worthy of trust.

These bonds will drastically increase customer loyalty, employee morale and turn your business into an industry leader in your sector. Your brand could even become a household name one day used in casual conversation. The thought alone brings a tear to my eye. Would you hand me a Kleenex?

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