Pay-Per-Click Management for Medical Offices

Get new patients and leads through PPC campaigns that focus on your ROI.

Acquisition-Focused Targeting

Fully Scalable Income

ROI & Conversion Tracking

Bottom Line – Our Paid Search Services Get Results

The focus of our PPC campaigns is to generate new leads that will turn into new patients. We optimize to maintain the lowest cost per acquisition by targeting keywords that convert. Instead of focusing on driving website traffic, we drive new patient acquisition, ensuring that your practice has a lucrative and sustainable ROI from your PPC campaign.

Growth from 48 to 150 acquired clients.

Results you can count on. Our paid search management services will drive "ready now" customers to your door. Chart showing over 100% increase of year-over-year customer acquisitions.

Year-over-year customer acquisitions.

Paid Search Management Tailored For Doctors

ROI Focused Campaign Optimization

Our data-driven approach to generating new leads focuses on tracking conversions from the search term, through the sales funnel, to the new patient acquisition. This strategy ensures that we are not just driving website traffic, but rather driving ROI by generating leads that convert.

No-Compete Guarantee

We will not provide the same service to your competitors while we work with you. We take your privacy seriously and will not share or disclose your competitive advantage and winning strategy.

Medical Pay Per Click Services Experts

Our expertise in managing PPC campaigns for medical and cosmetic verticals will get you tangible results. Our data-driven campaigns focus on reducing wasted ad spend and improving your conversion rates. With the focus on new patient acquisition, your medical practice will grow due to the influx of new patients.

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SEM Dynamics helped bring my business from brand new to flourishing. Without retaining the services of any other company, they were able to fully take care of my marketing and SEO needs. Throughout the process of working with SEM Dynamics, they provided me with guidance, insight, and tips for increasing the online presence and visibility of my company.

I could not have succeeded so well and so quickly without their valuable services, and I would recommend SEM Dynamics to anyone wanting to have an SEO and online marketing advantage in this competitive market.

– Jessie Zaylía, Esq., CA Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Comprehensive Pay-Per-Click
Services for Medical Professionals

We improve the performance of campaigns through the use of A/B and Multivariate testing for the ads and landing pages. By combining the data from heatmaps and the winning campaign elements, we will demonstrate measurable improvements over time.

Our work goes beyond the ad clicks. We increase your conversions by improving your landing pages with the use of heatmaps, live user studies, and visitor recordings. By utilizing a data-driven analysis and testing, we improve conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition for new patients.

Our focus is your ROI, which means new patients and booked procedures, not just website traffic and leads. We achieve this by working with your team and tracking every new patient and booking down the exact keyword, ad group, and campaign. We upload this data back into the Google ads dashboard and optimize the campaign for the best cost per acquisition.

Our experts optimize everything from the ads and targeting to user experience. We particularly focus on having high Quality Scores, which ensures that your keywords will receive the highest position possible and the lowest cost per click. Well-optimized campaigns with high-quality scores will generate new patients for your office at a lower cost per acquisition.

The Process


We will gather all of the information that is needed to make your office's campaign a success.

Analyze & Set Up

Through competitor and industry analysis, a custom plan is created for your account.

Launch & Optimize

It's time to launch your campaign. Every step is monitored and optimized to ensure the greatest level of success.

Track Results & Adjust

Analyzing the results and uploading conversions to optimize campaign for the leads that turn into signed cases.

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Company A Success

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