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Getting traffic to your website is fundamental to success as a business, but if that traffic doesn't convert at an optimal level you are tossing money away. Converting those users into qualified leads and clients is critical to keeping your business running. How well you convert people who visit your site could mean the difference between profit, and loss.

Double-digit conversion rates for clients.

Industry average versus actual client results.

How We Make Your Site A Success

Speed Optimization

A study conducted by Google in 2017 predicts that a website that takes 5 seconds to load versus 3 seconds will suffer from a 280% increase of people leaving the site before it ever loads. It's for this reason that one of the first action items is to decrease your website’s load time. We aim for less than 1 second on a desktop and within 3 seconds on a mobile 3G connection. Why? If people aren’t willing to wait for your site to load then any aesthetic optimizations are pointless. We will make your site faster and it will convert.

Live User Testing

If you want to know how people perceive your website, just ask them! We create personas and demographics for your ideal customer. Then we go out and find those who best match your ideal client. Once these individuals are selected, we record their live session on your site, their reactions, and opinions. It might sound complicated but the end result is this: Your ideal clientele will end up telling us what they want to see, what they are looking for, and what trouble areas they are experiencing on your site.

Heat Map Testing

By harnessing the latest in heat mapping technology, we will observe people’s behavior on your website. Heat mapping will show you how a large collection of people interact with your website by tracking mouse clicks and phone taps, mouse movement, and how far down the page people scroll. We use this data to test the overall interactions of people across your site. Heat mapping is also used in testing the success of changes that are made after a round of live testing and optimization takes place on your site.

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– Jessie Zaylía, Esq., CA Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, you’re in business to make money, and conversion rate optimization helps you do just that. Having a healthy conversion rate helps improve your bottom line by reducing the cost of case acquisition. The less follow up that you have to do to convert a prospect into a client, the better.

Performing CRO on your website has definite benefits, some of those include —

  • A better understanding of your website’s users and target customers.
  • Better overall ROI on your online marketing efforts.
  • A Reflection of your business — an easy to use website that moves users through converting quickly is a reflection of a company that doesn’t waste it’s customers time.

If you’re engaging in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, then CRO is a must. Many business owners will scale up their ads at the first sign of conversion but applying CRO to your landing pages can really help explode the revenue that those pages produce.

Increasing the conversion rate of your website can significantly increase your leads count, increase your client acquisitions, and make a major positive impact on your bottom line. Contact us today to get started on optimizing your website!

When you set out to optimize the conversion rate of your site, you should have a good idea of what your goals are, and a strong knowledge of your audience. Start with the purpose of your site, and work from there.

Here are some other tips on how to effectively improve the conversions on your website.

Improve Your Calls To Action

Each of your web pages should have a purpose, and a goal to gain something from the user that is visiting. Whether you are generating more page views, leads, or sales, having a purpose for your page is important to get your users to take the action you want them to. To make that happen, your page needs to have CTAs, or Calls to Action.

You should work to have your calls to action on the top portions of your pages, above the fold of scrolling. This means your phone number should be prominently displayed, or your contact form made available to fill out. Pay attention to what your site looks like on mobile devices as well, and make sure your CTAs work effectively there as well.

Improve the Speed of Your Website

While the speed of your site may not seem like a significant contributing factor to conversion, but if your page doesn’t load quickly for a user, they may just leave. Working on your site’s webpage speed has many benefits, but helping users move quickly through the purchase or contact process is definitely near the top. Don’t ignore speed when building your site. A beautiful page is great, but if you can’t navigate through it quickly, it doesn’t do much for your business.

Show Off Testimonials from Your Customers and Clients

People often connect with other people’s experience. Showing that others have had a positive experience with your website and business can significantly influence a user’s decision to take the next step in engaging with you. Sharing customers opinions can help seal the deal and make your business really stand out from your competition. Don’t make the mistake of using fake testimonials or reviews though, as users can easily sport fake, generic reviews.

Use Quality Content

The words that occupy your pages matter. The content needs to read well and be easily understandable for the user. If it is grammatically poor or written at a less than professional level, you are going to be far less likely to convert those users into paying customers and clients. The content on your site is your opportunity to express your authority and expertise, and you don’t want to blow it. Optimizing your content can help your conversion rate explode.

Clean Up the Clutter

Set yourself up with a strong foundation to work from by clearing out the extraneous clutter on your pages. Many people think bright colors, and lots of call outs are best, but keeping this streamlined and straightforward will help keep your users focused on the page, and allow you to drive the engagement that you want to. Don’t give the user too many choices; they can become easily overwhelmed and lose focus.

A conversion rate is sometimes thought of as magical math, but in reality, it is relatively simple to calculate. If you take the number of conversions that have taken place in a given period of time and divide it by the total number of visitors to that page or site, then multiply that number by 100%, and you’ll have your conversion rate percentage.

If you have 100 visitors, and you are trying to get phone calls to your firm, and you receive 9 phone calls, your conversion rate is 9%. Conversion rates can go much deeper, delving into page and campaign level conversions, channel conversions, and even down to an individual keyword. Knowing how to analyze your conversion rate, and make decisions on improving it is a science all unto its own.

The CRO Process


We will gather all of the information that is needed to make your CRO campaign a success.


Numerous tests are conducted to uncover what stops people from converting on your website.

Implement Repair

An array of fixes are tested to determine the best method to clear up the roadblocks that stop conversions.


Once the best repair is found, tests are conducted to show the increase in engagement and conversion.

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