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Significantly Increase Your Company's Bottom Line

Getting traffic to your website is fundamental to success as a business, but if that traffic doesn't convert at an optimal level you are tossing money away. Converting those users into qualified leads and clients is critical to keeping your business running. How well you convert people who visit your site could mean the difference between profit, and loss.

How We Make Your Site A Success

Speed Optimization

A study conducted by Google in 2017 predicts that a website that takes 5 seconds to load versus 3 seconds will suffer from a 280% increase of people leaving the site before it ever loads. It's for this reason that one of the first action items is to decrease your website's load time. We aim for less than 1 second on a desktop and within 3 seconds on a mobile 3G connection. Why? If people aren't willing to wait for your site to load then any aesthetic optimizations are pointless. We will make your site faster and it will convert.

Live Testing

If you want to know how people perceive your website, just ask them! We create personas and demographics for your ideal customer. Then we go out and find those who best match your ideal client. Once these individuals are selected, we record their live session on your site, their reactions, and opinions. It might sound complicated but the end result is this: Your ideal clientele will end up telling us what they want to see, what they are looking for, and what trouble areas they are experiencing on your site.

Heat Mapping

By harnessing the latest in heat mapping technology, we will observe people's behavior on your website. Heat mapping will show you how a large collection of people interact with your website by tracking mouse clicks and phone taps, mouse movement, and how far down the page people scroll. We use this data to test the overall interactions of people across your site. Heat mapping is also used in testing the success of changes that are made after a round of live testing and optimization takes place on your site.

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Increase Your Website's Conversion Rates

As you can tell, CRO is not any one thing. It takes dedicated knowledge and expertise in analyzing user behavior and implementing technical changes. Trusting your conversion optimization to an expert team like ours will help speed up your growth, and can help improve your bottom line.

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