Masha and Matt at Google
Founders, Matthew Post and Masha Mahdavi, pose for a photo after presenting as top-5 finishers of Google's Mobile Speed Hackathon. (Los Angeles, CA)

About SEM Dynamics

SEM Dynamics exists to act as a natural extension of our client's business. Our mission is to alleviate the pressures that business owners face when marketing and promoting their company online.

The only way that we will succeed is through the successes of our clients.

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Our History

SEM Dynamics is the brainchild of Masha Mahdavi and Matt Post. Through our experiences working in-house for a Los Angeles law firm, we encountered first-hand the many pitfalls that business owners face when working with marketing agencies. Even great agencies are too narrowly focused on a single marketing tactic.

And… There is a huge difference between tactics and a strategy.

We both knew that there is a better way. So, we developed SEM Dynamics to build long-lasting strategies for businesses.

SEM Dynamics focuses on helping business owners alleviate some of these pressures faced, due to having to "wear different hats."

In order to accomplish this, we broke the mold of a traditional online marketing agency by offering ourselves as a single point of truth to grow our clients' businesses. This is accomplished by working hands-on to provide scalability solutions and oversight with regards to automation, marketing, and creating company efficiencies.

Notable Mentions

  • Google Mobile Speed Hackathon
  • Legal Mastermind Podcast
  • Digital Marketing Masters Podcast
  • SEO National
  • Rosen Institute
  • Conversion Fanatics
  • DataFeed Watch
  • Review Robin

Founder Profiles

Masha Mahdavi

Masha Mahdavi

Mrs. Mahdavi has over ten years of digital marketing experience. She started her career as a brand ambassador for companies such as Fox, Coca-Cola, M&M's, Axe, and T-Mobile.

She soon grew her passion for online marketing while working for Promoting Group, a digital marketing agency. Mrs. Mahdavi later joined Wilsher Law Firm in 2015 and, soon after, lead their marketing department. In 2019, Masha Mahdavi transitioned to assist in launching SEM Dynamics.

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Matthew Post

Matthew Post

As a self-taught practitioner, Mr. Post built his first website in the summer of 1996 and began marketing websites in 1998. In 2007, Matthew became the President of Etronity, Inc., a B2B eCommerce company.

After executing a successful exit strategy for the company, Mr. Post's path would cross with Ms. Mahdavi as he joined the Wilshire Law Firm team. In the winter of 2018, Matthew Post began the launch of SEM Dynamics.

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